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DPZ-Europe offers a full range of planning and architectural services. While the focus of the firm is on designing "places", DPZ-Europe also maintains an active architectural practice, writes land use codes, and educates the public about the principles of traditional Urbanism.

DPZ-Europe uses a comprehensive charrette process to create plans ranging in size from the neighborhood to the region. The charrette brings together all interested and affected parties to collaborate with the designers on a vision for the community. This process, which produces full documentation in a single week, has proved to be the most efficient and cost-effective means of arriving at consensus for a plan. As a result of the charrette, projects tend to move more quickly though the approval process.

Over the past two decades, DPZ has completed more than 250 neighborhood-based urban designs. The recipient of numerous awards, including two National AIA Awards and two Governor’s Urban Design Awards for Excellence, DPZ is widely recognized as the USA’s leading proponent of traditional design. Co-founders of the Congress for the New Urbanism, the firm’s principals have remained in the forefront of this movement dedicated to the promotion of healthy alternatives to suburban sprawl.