EGGESIN, Germany
Location:Eggesin, Germany
Type:Downtown revitalization
Year Design:June 2006
Status:In Progress/Planned
Size:8.800 Hectares
Contact:City of Eggesin

The town of Eggesin faces many of the same problems that small towns and villages of the former East Germany are experiencing: loss of jobs and loss of population.

Large pre-cast concrete panel system apartment buildings were constructed in the middle of the town during the 1970’s. Once highly desired, most are now deteriorating and are often only 50% rented out, thus imposing a large financial drain on the public housing budget. The historic center has also suffered from lack of investment and local businesses and shops are closing due to the declining purchasing power of the local population.

Two public charrettes were conducted with the local citizens and organizations, proposals developed and tested. A Masterplan for the upgrading of the historical center was developed which proposed the linking of the major historical buildings with the main shopping areas which would increase the attractiveness for tourists and the local population alike.

A phasing plan for the pre-fabricated blocks was also developed. It is proposed to disassemble certain units in order to reduce the total number of apartments but also to create new housing types including single family houses as well as 3-storey city apartment villas which are highly desired by younger couples who wish to stay in the city but cannot at the moment find this type of accommodation anywhere nearby. These proposals were included in the city plan as part of the government financial program Aufbau-Ost and were official approved.

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