MUNICH, Au-Haidhausen, Germany
Location:Munich, Au-Haidhausen
Type:Urban Infill
Year Design:2005
Status:In Progress/Planned
Size:70,000 Square Meters
Contact:Duane Phillips
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A 75,000 square meter mixed-use development was the subject of an invited architectural competition organized by the city and the developer/investor. The design submitted by the team of DPZ-Miami, Michael G. Imber Architects (San Antonio, Texas) and Duane Phillips, Berlin together with the landscape architect Jens Henningsen (Berlin) was awarded 1st Place.

The program foresees 55,000 sq. meters of housing, 15,500 sq. meters of offices, and 4,500 sq. meters of shops and a supermarket.

The client expressly demanded a non-modernist architecture that would capture and continue the character of the surrounding 19th century neighborhood. The client also required that certain aspects of Geomantie (Feng-Shui) be respected and integrated into the site planning and design of the buildings. Also to be considered were the problems of noise generated by the heavily trafficked street to the north and the vibrations caused by the train line to the south. The buildings are designed as a series of blocks based on a 2.6 meter grid system, allowing a wide range of rentable floor areas ranging from 150-400 sq. meter floor plans. This also allows the buildings to be easily converted from offices to housing and back as the market dictates, giving the client maximum flexibility now and in the future.

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