Location:Cairo, Egypt
Type:New town extension
Year Design:2008
Status:In Progress / Planned
Size:830 Hectares
Contact:Barwa International

Urbanization in Cairo is increasing at a rapid pace, especially to the east in the area known as New Cairo. This 830-hectare site is located at the south-eastern edge, delineating the edge of New Cairo from the west and marking the entry to Greater Cairo from the east. The master plan takes advantage of this situation, locating a traditional Arabic town center at the northwest corner to serve the site as well as the entirety of New Cairo City. A central business district is also planned at the northeast corner which will serve as the citys first business park signaling the entry into Greater Cairo.

The location of more active commercial, mixed-use areas near the edge of the property creates a transition into more select, interior neighborhoods, providing privacy from busier corridors. Thus, the less expensive units are located to toward the edges, while the more exclusive areas are located along the golf course nearer to the centre.

The master plan is broken down into a series of individual neighborhoods linked by an internal loop road system. Existing topography determines the neighborhoods locations and sizes. Of particular importance are the high points located in Ataba Heights and next to the Quarry. The ridge in the center creates three valleys which afford the residential neighborhoods views out over the golf course toward the town centre and central business district.

In addition to the town centre and business district, the primary neighborhoods include the residential neighborhoods of North, East, and South Ridge, Crossroads Village, and the exclusive Ataba Heights. The campus neighborhood contains an international school, along with a major medical center, an associated hotel and serviced apartments, designed in a campus setting. The Quarry is converted into an amphitheatre, with an associated indoor arts center and hotel just up the hill. A large Friday mosque is located at the summit of the hill, its silhouette beautifully dominating the skyline.

A pastiche of Pharoic architecture is avoided, as is modernist deconstructivist iconic forms. Instead, a restrained architectural style based on traditional Egyptian elements was selected for residential as well as commercial neighborhoods.

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