PARC DE L´ALLIANCE, Braine-l´Alleud, Belgium
Location:Brussels, Belgium
Year Design:2006
Status:In Progress/Planned
Size:9.2 Hectares
Program:61,000 sq. meters housing
Builder:Fortis Real Estate S.A.
Planning:DPZ-Europe/Mycielski Architecture and Urbanism

Located just south of Brussels, the Braine l’Alleud site was zoned as a business park with separate areas for offices, a cinema complex, a shopping mall, and housing. To date, approximately 50% of the offices have been built, along with the first phase of the cinema complex, and planning permission has been granted for the shopping mall. DPZ-Europe, in cooperation with Mycielski Architecture & Urbanism, formed the planning team to design the new housing area and units, comprising 61,000 square meters of built space, divided into 500 units of various types.

The community is oriented along a primary East-West axis of the business park, which is visually terminated by the tower of the Town Hall of a nearby village. The DPZ housing plan extends the axis into the housing area, and creates a public park at the end of the axis. The park, intended to be the community’s primary public gathering place, follows the site’s topography and terraces down to a small lake, which acts as the required rainwater retention. The mix of apartments, urban villas, and cottages range from 1 to 6 storeys in height, with the tallest and densest buildings found along the East-West axis.

In addition to the housing allocation, the Braine l’Alleud plan proposes the redesign of the railroad station and its associated parking structure, in order to more seamlessly connect the structure with the surrounding residential community and thoroughfare network. The plan also proposes extending the housing area onto the site foreseen for the shopping mall, transforming the mall into four interconnected city blocks with housing located above ground-floor retail and restaurants.

If carried out, these proposals would seamlessly connect the housing, entertainment, shopping and offices areas into one mixed-use neighborhood. This neighborhood could serve as a model for new development in Belgium and throughout the region.

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