Location:Siewierz, Poland
Type:New Town
Year Design:2007
Status:In Progress/Planned
Size:120 Hectares
Contact:TUP Property S.A.
Planning:Mycielski Architecture and Urbanism/DPZ-Europe

Designed by Mycielski Architects and Urbanists with DPZ-Europe as consultants, The New Town of Siewierz is the first contemporary project in Poland that integrates aspects of ecology and sustainability at both the level of the Masterplan and the buildings themselves. The Masterplan is designed to allow the New Town to grow like Polish cities have traditionally grown: compact and efficient, and with mixed-use. A town where one can live and work, where such amenities as kindergartens, a church, service and recreation facilities, and shops that provide daily needs are all located within walking distance, eliminating the need for most daily car journeys and thereby improving the quality and comfort of daily life.

In addition, all buildings are to be built with low carbon footprints and with sustainable materials, and incorporate stringent energy and water saving standards. This will ensure low maintenance and low running costs in the short as well as long term for the town and for the individual owners.

Projects designed based on these principles have repeatedly shown that such a concept is not only environmentally sound, but is also profitable for the developers, investors, and the individual home owners through the increase in property values compared to conventional developments. In order to ensure that the concept is correctly implemented, the client has asked DPZ-Europe to develop the Siewierz Architectural Code to help all those involved in the construction of the New Town of Siewierz

The building types, ranging from domestic to civic to commercial, will have different architectural expressions in order to create variety and interest. The Siewierz Architectural Code acts as a guideline for architects and developers who are involved on the project, allowing them the freedom to achieve individual designs while directing the result towards the creation of a harmonious whole. The code is broken down into the main elements of buildings, each element with a description of its materials, colors, and composition.

As part of the development of the code, five architectural offices were invited to prepare designs for the buildings. Models of their designs were built and the results analyzed with the client. The code was then modified accordingly and adopted for use.

While the Masterplan will ensure the "feel" of a town, the architecture resulting from this code will create its identity. The result will give Siewierz a unique, recognizable identity, one that is lively, yet harmonious, traditional yet contemporary, and one that can continue to grow in value and evolve over time in an energy efficient and sustainable way.

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