SKOPJE, Macedonia
Location:Skopje, Macedonia
Type:Conversion of Military Base
Year Design:2007
Status:In Progress/Planned
Size:127 Hectares
Business Park:167,000 sq.m.
Residential:511,400 sq.m.
Retail Center:170,400 sq.m.
Golf Course:391,600 sq.m.

The 127 hectare site is located to the north-west of the city center, bounded by a major motorway to the west, the river to the south, a new bye-pass road to the north, and existing settlements to the east.

The site slopes from two major hills in the south to a relatively flat area in the north. In order to purchase the land, the client needed to show the Macedonian Government what he intended to build on the site. A four day mini-charrette was organized, and a variety of options were explored.

The client decided for a mixed-use proposal, with big-box retail in the north-west at the junction of the bye-pass road and the motorway, an office park to the north-east along the bye-pass, and housing to the south nearest the city center. The housing is designed as two hilltop villages, the largest containing a small commercial center of shops and businesses that provide the daily needs of the residents (bakery, butcher, café, restaurant, etc.). An 18 hole golf course is located between these areas and serves to unite them into one unique community.

Care was taken to integrate the remains of a Roman aqueduct into the landscape, along with rain water retention lakes at the lowest points in the topography, creating attractive elements near and within the business park.

The client presented the proposal to the authorities and was awarded permission to purchase the property. Presently, the official Development Plan is being produced by the authorities on the basis of this proposal. It is foreseen that once the purchase is completed, a full charrette will be held to design the property in detail.

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