WUSTROW, Germany
Location:Rerik, Germany
Type:Resort Village
Year Design:1996
Status:Under Permitting
Size:1000 Acres

Wustrow is a peninsula in the Baltic Sea, adjacent to the town of Rerik on the north coast of the former East Germany. Approximately 1 km across and 5 km long, the site served both as a German army base during WWII and as a Russian outpost during the Cold War. Elements of these military installments will be incorporated and reused in two new residential neighborhoods on the landward section of the peninsula. The remainder of the site will be set aside as a landscape and nature reserve.

The objective for this project was to develop Wustrow as an extension to Rerik, as a real functioning community rather than a holiday resort. While the community will be a second home for some, its mixed-use amenities ensure that it will be well equipped to meet the needs of full-time residents. The neighborhoods will be interspersed with public spaces, village shops, and small businesses, and the layout will focus on the bicycle and the pedestrian rather than the car. Those who do visit will come to experience the quiet beauty of nature, which the plan takes great care to protect.

The site will be divided into five sectors: the Isthmus, the Gartenstadt (which is the remains of the military base), the New Gartenstadt, the Landscape Preserve, and the Nature Preserve. The density will diminish as one proceeds through the peninsula, with the Landscape Preserve fulfilling its proper role as a buffer between man and nature. A portion of the Nature Preserve will be open to visitors via an existing path system, while other parts will be left untouched.

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