Location:Berenice Bay, Egypt
Type:Resort Village
Year Design:2007
Status:In Progress/Planned
Size:3.000 Hectares

The new resort at Berenice Bay is based on traditional Egyptian town-planning and building principles. Thus, Instead of conquering and eliminating the site’s ecology, the planning of the resort takes into consideration the natural characteristics of the site and incorporates them into the design: the natural lagoons, Wadi rainwater run-offs, the level of the land above sea level, mangroves, coral reefs, the tides, the prevailing breeze, and local materials. The result is the compression of the program into a series of small developments located at strategic locations within the site; the result being 95.2% of the site remains unbuilt; retaining views to the Red Sea as well as to the mountains in the West.

The concept for the development of Berenice Bay is that of a series of small, traditional villages located at certain key geographical features. This concept allows for the development to take place in phases over a period of several years. The main development is concentrated in a large village containing several hotels and a village center along the eastern and northern shore of the bay where the best beaches are located. This main village connects with a village on the Red Sea Coast which contains a divers’ hotel, divers’ station, and small marina.North of the divers’ village along the coast, large estate villas are foreseen with magnificent views over the water.

The complete program calls for up to 15 hotels of approximately 400 rooms each, along with 200 villas of various sizes. In addition, a logistics and delivery center, school, medical clinic, police and fire stations, as well as the necessary technical infrastructure must be accommodated.

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